Bioluminescent Florida

When -TBD 
Where – Merritt Island, FL with Adventures in Florida
Cost – $250
Local?: $65 per person for paddle and swim with the crew.
$10 for dinner out. *Does not include your meal, this is a fee for planning and reserving the space*
What We’re Doing –
*Join us for a kayak and canoe adventure like no other! Bioluminescence is caused by dinoflagellates,  single-celled organisms common in marine environments. Upon arriving at the park, we will check in with the trip leaders which includes signing a mandatory release of liability and assumption of risk form.
*You will be outfitted with a life jacket, kayak, and paddle. After some brief instruction, we will paddle as a group in search of the “living lights.” Most tours last a couple of hours, however, if the bioluminescence is super bright and dolphins or manatee show up on the scene, well . . . time just doesn’t matter.
*Be prepared to stay and swim! This site offers a paved and well lit parking lot, modern restrooms, fresh water showers, and a swimming beach where you and your family can “swim and glow” after the tour.
*Explore Orlando! Visit Disney’s parks, Universal, multiple tourist complexes, and shopping destinations.
*Dinner out! Join us for friends and fun!
About the House –
*Gillian will be renting a multi bedroom home centrally located around all major tourist attractions. You will have access to multiple bathrooms, a washer and dryer, and a full service kitchen. There will be space to move around, privacy, and a pool for lounging.
*Gillian will provide all paper products, coffee and tea, laundry detergent, and some food.
*This is an allergy friendly house! While all food is welcome, please let Gillian know about your dietary restrictions at booking. All “deadly allergy” food items will be kept in a special location.
What To Bring – Bug Spray, clothes that can get wet and possibly dirty, rain jacket, we go rain or shine, tips for your guides, a swimsuit, and towel. For overnight guests please pack your own snacks, additional bedding,

*This tour is limited to 16 guests so you’re not lost in the crowd. If we overbook we will be running two groups so no one feels overlooked or Gillian will hire additional guides.*


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