Booking and Pricing
How does pricing work?
Pricing is listed on each event page and is per person. I do my best to keep my events as affordable as possible. Events should be available to everyone!
How do I book?
Please visit the How To Book page for more information. All payment are made via PayPal to Gillian Meyers at meyerseventplanning@gmail.com!
Once I pay how will I know what happens next?
Once you have made your payment Gillian will send you a registration email for you to fill out so you can confirm your booking. You will be notified of any news via email and through private Facebook group pages should you choose to join.

Convention Houses
What can I expect if I stay at a convention house?
Think of it as a slumber party inside of a con! House guests can regularly be found gaming, porch sitting, and being social in the kitchen. With space to move around even your “off” time is enjoyable. You’ll be treated like family, not a number on a spreadsheet.
Is there parking at convention houses?
All houses have limited parking available. Please let Gillian know if she needs to reserve a spot for you when you register. Be aware, we are not responsible for any theft of damage to your vehicle. We’re all traveling together so please take the proper precautions.
Can I stay if I have a serious food allergy?
Absolutely! Gillian strives to make every event allergy free so please let her know of any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have when you register. Every house has an “allergy zone.” This zone is equipped with signage and Clorox wipes and is in a separate location. All house guests are informed of the need for caution and place any dangerous snacks only in this zone, normally a shelf or isolated cabinet. When meals are provided Gillian does her best to provide options so no one feels left out.
*Please Note: While we do our best we can not guarantee an incident free stay and take no responsibility for exposures. Please practice due diligence and communicate with Gillian if you have any issues.*
How far away are convention houses?
Houses are booked as close to convention footprints as possible but expect a short commute. Most house guests carpool or Uber share to save costs. Getting there is half the fun and past guests have some hilarious and awesome stories to tell! It’s not a problem, it’s part of the fun!
What do I need to bring with me?
Pack like you would for any con and then pack for a sleepover! Extra bedding is always a plus, snacks, and we will provide a group grocery run if you want to pick up provisions. Want to be really awesome? Bring along a game or another icebreaker to make friends!
Are houses kid and pet friendly?
I’m sorry, all houses are pet free at this time. No pets are allowed at any of our events. Several houses can be made child friendly and approval is granted on a case by case basis. Please contact Gillian before booking to ensure that this is indeed a child friendly house.
What are the house rules?
House rules are listed on the House Rules page. We want everyone to have a great time so we keep it simple! Failure to follow the rules can result in immediate house expulsion without a refund so make sure you brush up before you register for a convention house.
Will I be staying with Gillian? 
While I try, some events are just too big and require multiple houses. I make every effort to drop by and provide inclusive meet ups to make up for this. I can only stay in one house, but House Hosts are provided to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. I am always a text or phone call away at events so I will definitely be spending time with you where I can. I’m excited to have you, and more importantly provide a safe place for you to enjoy your con!

General Questions
I am traveling alone. Is that okay?
Absolutely! There are no strangers at our events! My goal is to make you feel like you belong so you are free to join in or seek out your own privacy however you want. No one is going to push you here! Expect to relax in the kitchen over a meal, porch sit with a drink, or spend time having a full fledged pajama party. You may show up as a stranger but you will leave with family!
Will you plan an event for me?
Of course! No matter what you need to an informal comic con meetup to a large formal party we’ve got you covered. Please contact me for a list of services and pricing options. I’d love to help you!
There are no events in my area. Can you fix that?
Yes!!! Events are booked if there is enough interest to generate a group. If I can fill enough spots I will absolutely bring an event to your area. Also, check the home page of this website often. New events are regularly added so I hope you can find something that interests you!