House Rules

Staying with us? We keep the rules simple! Please look over this list prior to booking.
Be Aware: Failure to follow these rules may result in immediate house expulsion without a refund.

  • No overnight and late night visitors allowed.
  • Please respect all quiet areas. Your housemates might be sleeping!
  • Kitchens are allergy free. Please follow all signage and store snacks in appropriate areas.
  • Pants Policy! Not everyone is comfortable with different states of undress. Please respect your roomies and wear pants! (Hilariously this just means no rampaging in your undies in public areas!)
  • No drugs, and no smoking indoors. Smoking areas outside will be provided.
  • While alcohol is fine, no wild parties.
  • You break it, you bought it! Accidents happen, but property damage will be billed to you if it is a problem.
  • Body paint and hair dying are on a case by case basis and only if the person agrees to clean up their mess/brings their own towels. Speak with Gillian before booking if you need to spray paint or self tanner in house bathrooms.
  • All guest are assigned a small chore on check out day that normally takes 5 or 10 minutes to complete. If you can’t do your chore please let Gillian know! Chore examples: Start the dishwasher, strip your bed, check bathrooms for anything left behind.
  • Don’t be a jerk! This one is easy. Our guests come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Intolerant speech will not be tolerated. Also, picking up after yourself and making sure your things are secured is polite. Thank you for washing your dishes!
  • Not yours? Don’t touch! This applies to people and belongings. Ask first before you touch someone else’s costumes. They may be delicate, and so may be our house guests! Please be considerate and ask before initiating physical contact.
  • If something is wrong or is bothering you please contact Gillian or your House Captain immediately. Every effort will be made to fix your issue!
  • Check in and check out times will be posted well in advance. Arriving early or failure to leave on time can incur additional charges to you. Gillian and the House Captains will be on hand and available to make sure check in and outs are an easy process!