Here are a few testimonials for Gillian’s house rentals and Bombshell Cruises.

“I cannot recommend Gillian and her services enough. If you had a problem, odds are she was already working on a solution and had three back up plans. Never failed to make everyone smile and feel right at home, no matter how new to travel or how far away home actually is. I highly recommend, and will traveling with her again myself!” -Larissa Erwin

“I had planned to stay with friends in a hotel at DragonCon 2016, but the before the trip the room got over crowded and I was looking around for other options. I cannot recommend Gillian Meyers’ services enough! Her houses are excellent and filled with wonderful people. Staying with G and her other guests was the best part of my trip.” –  Joseph Naftali, burlesque producer and cosplayer

“Gillian’s adventures are guaranteed to level you up as a person. She’s a high level adventurer who isn’t afraid to power-level noobs as she slays every foe between you and the time of your life.” – Aaron Burke

“I had the pleasure of attending Gillian’s inaugural Bombshell Cruise in 2017, and it was a real adventure! Aside from my being able to see and experience new things ashore with fellow cruisers, Gillian had a full calendar of events planned for all our group’s attendees, including informational panels, photoshoots, and a formal evening.  Sailors not affiliated with our event quickly grew to recognize our group of “Bombshells” and hailed us when they passed us by on the decks.  It was truly the experience of a lifetime, and I can’t recommend an adventure like that enough.” – Scarlett Jablonski

“Gillian made a cruise where I knew only my roommate to one where I made life long friends. She puts her heart and soul into everything and it shows. There is never a dull moment with Gillian around and who would want a dull moment.” – Jessica Pruett

“Gillian is an amazing event planner- I was so hesitant about going on my first cruise but she made it so easy! I hardly had to think about anything but what to wear, Gillian took care of everything. I can safely say my first cruise was amazing thanks to Gillian!” – Jessie Jordan

“Loved staying in the con house with Gillian Meyers. It was a home away from home. Best time I’ve had in a “room” in the 12 years I’ve been attending.” – Richard Pike